Project 465

The Firs

The proposal is located in the Bowdon Conservation Area and consist of a new contemporary single storey replacement side and rear extension to provide an open plan kitchen, dining and living space, which engages with the rear garden. The existing side and rear extension above a double garage, was a later addition to the host dwelling and is proposed to be demolished due to poor build quality and unsuitability for modification. The replacement building will occupy a similar footprint.

The new addition is designed to be subservient to the host dwelling, by virtue of its positioning a considerable distance from the front face of the original house, different shade of brickwork, low height and a window smaller than those on the ground floor of the host dwelling’s front elevation. The proposed roof reflects the existing gables in pitch and form. The materials for the roof and the front façade will reflect the host dwelling. The front window will take reference from the host dwelling in it’s positioning.

Client: Private
Location: Bowdon, Cheshire
Status: Construction

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